Teacher Spotlight

Posted on 08/26/2018

SOARAugust 2018 
Teacher Spotlights 

Ms. Natalia Egan—4th Grade 

We welcome Ms. Egan to Del Prado this school year! She graduated from FSU and holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. She loves football (Fear the Spear!) and spending time with her family watching the games and going on vacations. She is passionate about authentic, hands-on learning experiences for her students in order to instill a love for learning that she hopes will extend beyond their time with her. Kudos to Ms. Egan for getting her small group rotations started right away in Math. Students were working with manipulatives, online problem solving and with her in small group support this week!

Ms. Nirali Singh- 4th Grade

Ms. Singh has earned the Department of Education Commissioner’s acknowledgement letter 2 years in a row for her “high impact” teacher status. She has a background in social work, too! She always goes the extra mile for her students. Ms. Singh hails from Mumbai, India and infuses her rich heritage into her daily performance and interactions with all. She has two lovely children and a hardworking husband. Ms. Singh is a wealth of knowledge and support for her team and students. 

September 2018 
Teacher Spotlights 



This week, we spotlight one another veteran teacher of 14 years at Del Prado—Mrs. Melissa Alperin! She has two beautiful daughters and an amazing husband. Missy enjoys her vacation cruises, dining out, moves and Broadway shows. She hails from New York, as many other staff members! Missy is so gracious and works wonders with students from all different backgrounds. Missy, we thank you for your dedication to our students and staff.

This week we spotlight one of our new PE Teachers, Mr. Jordan Sorman. Jordan recently moved from New York where he taught PE and Literacy. He is so happy to be here in sunny Florida as most of his free time is spent out-doors at the pool and gym, as well as playing golf, tennis and fishing. He loves spending time with his lovely wife and 10 month old daughter. He gets the award for hitting the ground running helping out all over during dismissal and with active, fun PE lessons for our students. We’re so glad you’re here Jordan!

This week we spotlight a teacher in her second year at Del Prado—Ms. Ana Balboni. She has been teaching for just over three years and currently teaches first grade. She is from Massachusetts and graduated from USF and Tampa. In her free time, Ana loves fishing, going to the beach,
kayaking and many other outdoor activities. The aspect Ana loves the most about her job is the chance to build relationships with students so they feel safe and loved. Ana’s gift in this area truly makes learning a joy for her students. 

This week we spotlight a new 5th grade teacher to Del Prado—Ms. Abby Halpern. She has two grown children and, yes, living on their own! She and her husband enjoy traveling, especially cruising. They also enjoy the beach, scootering around town and Starbucks. Teaching is actually Abby’s second career. She is in her 13th year as a teacher. She is so happy to be here at Del Prado and appreciates everyone making her feel so welcome. She’s a teacher because she wants to make a difference, especially in a critical transition year for 5th graders going on to middle school. 

This week we spotlight our own Ms. Christina Tofini, Kindergar-ten teacher! She is in her 7th year of teaching at Del Prado. She loves Kinder because she gets to see the kids grow by leaps and bounds, especially in reading. She loves working with our staff, too. Christina loves the ocean; she’s a surf instructor and life-guard over the summers. She is engaged to be married on No-vember 17th! During her free time, she enjoys working out, surfing and spending time with her family and friends. 


This week we spotlight Mrs. Linda Levin, 5th grade teacher of gifted. Linda Levin grew up in the midwest and has an undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona and a teaching degree from the Talpiot Teachers College in Tel Aviv, Isra-el. This is her 20th year in the classroom, and what she loves most about her job is getting to know her students, building their confidence, and reading awesome books with them. Linda has two children: a son who is a junior at UF, and a daughter who is in the process of beginning her military service with the Israeli Defense Force. She has been married for 21 years and enjoys reading, exercising, and spending time in nature. 

This week we highlight our wonderful first grade teacher, Mrs. Pat Smith. She lives in a “divided” household with a Gator daughter and a husband and sons are Seminoles. Pat and her husband were both teachers at the same school for many years. Pat enjoys shopping, reading books, going to the movies, and simply being with friends and family. Pat has been at Del Prado for 11 years and she loves working with her first grade team. She loves students’ sweetness at this age.